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Mr. John Davis

European Representative for Fountain National Academy
Owner & Principal Tutor of Midland School of Embalming
Luccombe, England

Date of Death: June 7, 2005 at his residence in Luccombe, England

Funeral services will be June 27, 2005 at 3:00 PM at the St. Mary’s Virgin Church in Luccombe, England with burial there in the church cemetery.
His wife’s nameis Liz Davis

Biographical Information

John Davis has been involved with funeral service for over twenty- four years. A graduate of Worcester College in Worcestershire, England, John is a Qualified British Embalmer who holds a Bachelor of Education, Honours, degree. He is owner of the prestigious Midland School of Embalming that is headquartered in Luccombe, England. He currently teaches at 5 venues within the United Kingdom. In addition to his duties as head tutor for the Embalming School Davis formerly owned and managed an embalming service which handled the preparation of over 3,000 bodies a year.

His long association with education and broad-based experience in all aspects of funeral service has gained him much respect in the British funeral profession. His expertise and dedication is widely sought-after, requiring him to speak on local and national levels throughout England. He is a member of the British Institute of Embalmers, and has served as the Institute's representative for Training and Education in Funeral Service. He is a past Chairman of the National Education Committee and was deeply involved in the development of a National Vocational Qualification program initiated by the British government. Davis is a member of the committee working to develop a National restorative art syllabus and course, and he is currently working on the training and examination of British embalming tutors.

Davis also serves on the Education Committee and is a past Chairman of the Midland Region of the British Institute. He has served on the Local Public Health Working Group that develops regional and national policy for the treatment of infectious disease cases. He is also a published author who writes a monthly column for the largest independent funeral journal in England, and is currently the Technical Editor for The Embalmer magazine.